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Having the General Public Accept Marijuana as Legitimate Treatment

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6More and more people are acknowledging the benefits of marijuana when used medically. There are compelling evidences and research that can point to hard facts of the benefits of marijuana in numerous types of ailments. And then there are some that are still under tests and experiments but are showing promising results as well. The number of existing states that legalize marijuana and regulate its distribution is still quite low. But more are considering its legalization as well, but naturally, with the same if not more rigid implementation of regulating its sale and use.


This is one of the sad realities with pushing medical marijuana use. Regulations has to be followed by those who legitimately need it as an alternative treatment because it’s still susceptible to being used by people who just want to enjoy the psychedelic effects. In fact, what makes most people deny the positive medical effects of marijuana is because of the very reason that so-called “pot-heads” are the ones who are pushing for its legalization. People are not that stupid and can definitely see right through these people and understand that they want its legalization for their own selfish needs.


In the meantime, getting medical cannabis remains an arduous process for those who need it for treatment. Signing up for a medical marijuana card is not easy. Not to mention that there is negative stigma that one has to face while they are working on getting their card. People would bunch these patients together with pot-heads, which is going to be frustrating. But one has to understand that the process in acquiring a card as well as purchasing cannabis itself has to be regulated in order to make sure that it is not exploited by those who want to abuse it.


Some medical marijuana users would even opt to get their supply over the Internet than buy it from the local dispensary. Whether out of embarrassment or convenience, having suppliers on the Net is a welcome improvement. Some patients are not that keen on how to get their supply especially if they are not able to get out much, given that they are ill in the first place.


What legitimate patients can do to improve the public’s impression of medical marijuana use is to remain compliant with the regulations in place and make sure that they don’t cross the line with their own marijuana use. Only then will the public start to accept the benefits of marijuana and overshadow its negative side.

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