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Saving Life with First-Aid for Heatstroke

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stroke-2Heat-related illnesses are rampant especially during summertime. This means that at any moment, a person can fall and be a victim of heatstroke. This is considered to be the most serious death-causing medical emergency during hot seasons. Hence, it is a really good thing if people know first-aid for heatstroke.


More importantly, it will be a good idea for senior citizens living by themselves to invest in a home alert system that will alert proper authorities in case of medical emergencies. Medical Guardian is a perfect example of such. However, it will be a good idea to read medical guardian reviews first before a senior citizen decides to buy one in order to understand its features.


The cause of heatstroke is untreated exhaustion and the continuous rise of temperature in the victim’s core body. This is a serious medical problem that can cause coma, irreversible brain damage and death. It is important for everyone to know when signs of heatstroke and to know what treatments must be done immediately to avoid further serious problems.


Watch out for the signs and symptoms of heat stroke that include disorientation or coma, hot, flushed and dry skin, as well as deep, rapid breathing and maybe seizures. When these are observed, it is a medical emergency that calls immediate first aid for heatstroke. What must you do when any of these signs and symptoms of heatstroke is observed?


Call the hospital right away as you have a medical situation in your hands. Do first-aid techniques for heatstroke even before the medical team arrives. Keep in mind that a victim of heatstroke needs immediate attention before permanent damage happens. If the person suffering from heatstroke is outside, make sure to take him out from under the sun and into the shade. Bring him in to an air-conditioned room if you have one at home. Take off the victim’s clothing and immerse him in very cold water; it’s even better if there’s ice. If a tub is not available, spray bottles can be used. Any method can be used as long as water is applied on the body.


Check the internal body temperature of the victim at frequent intervals with the use of a thermometer that is placed under the tongue of the victim. Massage the victim to assist blood circulation.

Do not orally administer medicines such as aspirin or acetaminophen to lower body temperature. These medicines can lead to problems because of the body’s response to heatstroke.Knowing how to deal with heatstroke is important because this can help you save lives. It’s also a good idea to read these Medical Guardian Reviews so you can look for the best medical alert system an older member of the family can use in emergency situations.

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